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In the Northern Sámi language, Lullebiegga means southerly wind. It´s tailwind on a way to north, a sign of warmth and hope. That´s required: Lullebiegga is also a heavyweight gravel challenge for true enthusiasts and a race if you like so. We ride from end to end, from the Gulf of Finland to the northern border. The departure takes place on June 15th and we will arrive up to the north after eight stages, on June 22nd, at the time of midsummer solstice and midnight sun. More than half of the journey is on gravel roads. We can´t beat the others on tarmac, but when it comes to gravel roads we are the best in the world. They are a route to the heart of Finland.

Come with!

Choked by the coronavirus, the flame must be kept tight! In the summer of 2021, no major events and twelve brave riders of the first Lullebiegga will yet be seen. In 2022, the program has an event open to all. Fill out our contact form and let us know if you like either end to end or day stages. The route and schedules for 2022 will be published in the fall of 2021.

Get to the end

The Lullebiega turnkey package contains everything you need to drive through gravel roads in Finland:

  • Hotel stays during the event (nine nights, shared room, some stages of the holiday home).
  • Full board, including breakfast and dinner, and during the food stages.
  • Lullefiesta, dinner at Nuorgam.
  • Lullebiegga cycling outfit and unique personal souvenirs.
  • Logistics of personal goods between points of departure and destination.
  • Basic wheel maintenance during stages and at finish points.
  • Transport during stages if a participant is prevented from driving.
  • Transfer from Nuorgam to Rovaniemi Airport / Train Station after the event. You can also get off the ride along the way.

The price of the 2022 event will be announced during the fall. An advance payment of € 300 will be charged at the time of booking and the balance approximately one month before the event.

Limited accommodation in single rooms at an additional cost – ask for more.

Cancellation policy: if the event has to be canceled completely, the full participation fee will be refunded in full. The deposit will not be refunded if the event is held.

Day after day

In the summer of 2022, Lullebieggan can also run one or more stages as a slice.

The day-to-day package includes:

  • At the point of departure of the hotel stay stage (one night, shared room, in some stages the holiday home).
  • Full board on the day of participation, including breakfast and dinner, as well as during the food stage.
  • Logistics of personal goods between points of departure and destination.
  • Basic wheel maintenance during stages.
  • Transport to the finish line of the stage if the participant is unable to reach the destination.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I get involved?

In the summer of 2021, we will pilot the event. Twelve drivers and each size for the Hanko-Nuorgam interval will be included. Send us a message and tell us about your own cycling background – we will select the whole set as soon as possible and get in touch. Please note that due to the limited size of the event, a relatively equally strong group must be included. By no means do you have to be even a semi-professional, but such a serious enthusiast that 200 kilometers a day for more than a week is possible. Lullebiegga is definitely on the job, but requires cycling experience.

Sounds expensive! What does money get?

With us you get to live eight days of a professional’s life. You can focus on taking a measure of yourself and your homeland, we take care of the rest. The journey from Hanko to Nuorgam is one of the adventures of your life.

The end-to-end package includes nine nights between 15-23. June and heavy-duty hobbies and breakfasts. Along the way, we will take care of both you and your bike. If you can’t continue, we’ll get you there. In addition, the package includes a unique Lullebiegga cycling outfit and every kilometer together with other adventurers.

Lullebiegga ´21 is the first edition of our event and hopefully the first stage of a long tradition. You are involved in doing something unique.

Can I run only one stage?

Our product arena also includes a Day to Day package, ie a ticket for any individual stage. However, due to the corona epidemic, we are not yet able to sell these.

If the whole eight-day is too much for you, but your mind is involved in one or more stages, then send us a message and let us know what days you would like to be involved. We’ll add you to the waiting list and get in touch if we can finally offer day passes as well.

Remember us next year too! We assume that the Lullebiegga ´22 can be driven to its full extent and without the horrors of the present. Our second edition will be released in the fall of 2021 and then join us either day in or day out!

What does Lullebiegga mean?

Lullebiegga is a northern Sámi, strictly speaking, the local Lapland vocabulary. It means south wind and symbolizes warmth as well as good things. When the direction is the Finnish maiden from south to north, it also means downwind.

We have borrowed a word from the Sámi language as the name of our event because it fits the name of the most beautiful nightmare in the world and perfectly describes our event. In addition, our event will always end on the northern edge of Finland, in the Northern Sámi region, so there are reasons to use the word loan.

To the best of our knowledge, the word has no negative or sacred or otherwise culturally significant meanings. We do not use the symbols or symbols of Sámi culture and we do not market our event as an expression of Sámi culture. We respect the culture, nature and people of Sámi as well as Finland as a whole.

What if I can't make it to the destination?

Whether you are on your way to your destination or just on a single stage (implementation is uncertain so far), we will take care of you! Your belongings will travel to the finish line anyway and we will also transport you as well as your bike if you have to stop driving. If you have to miss the entire rest of the trip, we will take care of you on your way home, by the transport links.

The costs of participation are bookable and binding on us in advance, which is why we are unable to reimburse the cost of the trip that was not driven. We therefore recommend that you check that your travel insurance will cover the interrupted trip.

Join Lullebiegga!

Fill in your information below if you want to participate in or hear more about Lullebiegga. If you want to participate in the summer 2021 pilot group, tell us briefly about your cycling background and why you want to join.